Cheese-o-pedia: S

  1. Sage Derby

    Pronounced "darby," this is a gorgeous, firm table cheese that is flavored with sage. Sage leaves are soaked in water and chlorophyll and then the bright green liquid is added to the cheese curds producing a gorgeous grass green with pale yellow marbling effect and subtly tangy herb flavor. Because of its festive green color, many have taken to using Sage Derby for holiday presentations on Christmas and St. Patrick's Day. Made with cow’s milk.

    Sage Derby makes great sandwiches with ham and sweet onion relish. It also works well in a traditional grilled cheese.

    Pair Sage Derby with beer or hard cider.

  2. Shropshire

    This creamy blue cheese is similar to Stilton, but is much sharper and colored with annatto to give it a bright orange hue. Shropshire is made with cow’s milk and has pronounced veining surrounded by an inedible brown rind. Shropshire is originally from Scotland and marketed in England and is now only produced by several creameries in Shropshire, England.

    Shropshire is traditionally served after the meal with sweet fruits or crusty breads. It also works well in salad dressings and sauces.

    Pair Shropshire with Port wine and robust reds.

  3. Sodium/Salt

    Salt is used in the cheese production process to prevent the cheese from spoiling as it cures. Some authentic cheeses are naturally high in salt (Feta, Pecorino Romano), while many others are naturally low in salt (Mozzarella, Swiss Emmenthaler).

  4. Stilton

    A full, rich and creamy Cheddar-like cheese that is carefully aged to create its distinctive blue veins. This cow's milk cheese is crumbly, smooth and dense. It’s dark ivory in color with dark blue veining and has a natural crusty brown inedible rind.

    Discovered in the early 18th century, when the owner of the Bell Inn in the town of Stilton in Leicestershire, England, tried a Blue cheese made by Elizabeth Scarbrow while visiting a small farm she worked on nearby. The Bell Inn soon had exclusive marketing rights and wagons full of Stilton cheese were regularly delivered to the Inn.

    Today, Stilton is England's only name-protected cheese and is considered the "King of English Cheeses."

    Top sirloin steaks or burgers with Stilton, or use it to make a savory dip or salad dressing. Stilton can also be served with fruit for dessert.

    Pair Stilton with robust red wines or Port.

  5. String cheese

    A cousin to Mozzarella with a mild flavor and a fun shape with strands that kids love to pull apart. Made from part skimmed cow’s milk, it is a healthy, between-meal snack and a great addition to a lunch box. Creamy white in color with a smooth texture and a mild flavor.

    String cheese is a popular kids' snack that can also be used as a topping on pizza, bagels and macaroni and cheese.

    Pair string cheese with fruit juices and milk.

  6. Surface Ripened

    A term referring to cheese that ripens from the exterior. Bloomy-rind, washed-rind and some blue cheeses are surface-ripened; also referred to as soft-ripened.

  7. Swiss

    This is a classic favorite for the whole family, with a flavor described as mild, mellow, buttery, nutty and rich. Ivory in color with a firm, smooth texture and signature holes.

    Use Swiss cheese in casseroles, classic fondues, quiches and classic Reuben sandwiches. It can also be melted over toast or used to top soups.

    Pair Swiss cheese with fruity red or white wine, ale or fruit juice.