Alexis de Portneuf™

La Sauvagine™

It is estimated that in the fall, the Quebec sky plays host to over 13 million migrating ducks, geese and teals. They make up what is called the “sauvagine” or “wildfowl”.

Inspired by the splendor of these birds, Canadian artisan cheesemakers have created La Sauvagine™ (la saw-va-GENE”), a remarkable cow’s milk cheese with a deliciously rustic flavor. This soft ripened treasure features a moist, supple rind and runny, ivory body that will melt in your mouth. Its fresh, buttery taste offers just a hint of savory mushroom flavor that stands up will against earthy reds like Argentine Malbec.

Type of Milk: Cow | Region of Origin: Canada

  • Harmonizes nicely with farmhouse-style breads, especially those made with cumin or nuts
  • Perfect for presenting at wine-and-cheese gatherings
  • Perhaps best enjoyed simply; carve out a chunk and kick back with a good glass of wine
  • Stout Beers
  • Riesling
  • Malbec
  • Gewurztraminer
  • Côte du Rhône Red
  • Bordeaux
  • Belgian Ale
  • Amber Lager
    • Silver: 2013 World Cheese Awards
    • 3rd: 2012 The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair
    • 1st: 2011 The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair
    • Bronze: 2011 World Cheese Awards
    • Gold: 2010 World Championship Cheese Contest
    • Super Gold: 2010 World Cheese Awards
    • 2nd: 2009 The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair
    • People’s Choice Award: 2009 Sélection Caseus
    • Gold: 2009 World Cheese Awards
    • 2nd: 2008 American Cheese Society
    • Gold: 2008 World Cheese Awards
    • People’s Choice: 2007 Sélection Caseus

    Available in these Sizes

    • Alexis de Portneuf™ La Sauvagine™ Wheel | 1.76 lb.

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