Alexis de Portneuf™

Paillot de Chèvre

Channeling a slightly tangy, lactic and goaty flavor, Paillot de Chèvre is a highly unique goat cheese. Surface ripened in a traditional log shape, this cheese touts historically significant supportive straws running the length of the exterior. According to the story, straw was used in transport of cheese to give it support without damaging it. Mildly aromatic with subtle hints of hazelnut, the flavors of this goat chèvre become more pronounced with age.

Type of Milk: Goat | Region of Origin: Canada

  • Makes an excellent goat cheese soufflé
  • Top a roasted Portobello mushroom cap with a slice of this chèvre and a thin tomato slice
  • Top homemade pizza along with pesto and cherry tomatoes
  • Wheat Beers
  • Sauvignon Blanc
  • Riesling
  • Hefeweizen

    Available in these Sizes

    • Alexis de Portneuf™ Paillot de Chèvre Log | 4.4 oz.