DuVillage 1860™

Moon Dust™

Moon Dust™ cheese is a recreation of the mythical look of lunar ash with a unique twist: this tasty treat is made with cow’s milk rather than goat’s milk which is typically used to make vegetable ash cheeses. This delicious triple crème cheese releases an aroma of fresh mushrooms that is accentuated with peppery and buttery hints. Its slow maturation progresses from its velvety surface inwards to develop a soft, creamy texture and delicately acidic flavor that is prized by judges for its perfect harmony.

Type of Milk: Cow | Region of Origin: California, USA

  • Present with brioche, raisin bread or a fresh and crispy French baguette
  • Adds unique variety to any cheese plate
  • Serve next to a goat’s milk vegetable ash cheese to compare and contrast
  • Zinfandel
  • Prosecco
  • Pilsner
  • Belgian-Style Ales
    • Bronze: 2014 World Cheese Awards
    • Bronze: 2013 World Cheese Awards
    • 2nd: 2012 The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair
    • 1st: 2012 Sélection Caseus
    • People's Choice Award: 2012 Sélection Caseus
    • Bronze: 2012 World Cheese Awards
    • Reserve Champion: 2011 The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair
    • 1st: 2011 Sélection Caseus
    • People's Choice Award: 2011 Sélection Caseus
    • Prix du Festival des Fromages fins: 2011 Sélection Caseus
    • Gold: 2011 World Cheese Awards
    • 3rd: 2010 British Empire Cheese Competition
    • Reserve Champion: 2010 The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair
    • 1st: 2010 The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair
    • 1st: 2010 Sélection Caseus
    • Silver: 2010 World Championship Cheese Contest
    • Silver: 2010 World Cheese Awards
    • 1st: 2009 American Cheese Society
    • Bronze: 2009 World Cheese Awards
    • 1st: 2008 Sélection Caseus
    • People’s Choice: 2008 Sélection Caseus
    • World Champion Cheese Reserve (2nd among 2,400 entries): 2008 World Cheese Awards
    • Gold: 2008 World Cheese Awards
    • 1st: 2007 British Empire Cheese Competition

    Available in these Sizes

    • DuVillage 1860™ Moon Dust™ Round | 7 oz.

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