Fromagerie Guilloteau™

Le Brin

Le Brin is a supple farmhouse-style cheese that is traditionally produced in the Rhone-Alps region of France. Despite its reddish-orange rind—a typically tell-tale sign of highly aromatic washed rind cheeses—Le Brin is delicately subtle with a rich and buttery flavor accented by sweet, buttery, softly yeasty notes. Its edible bloomy rind gives it a slightly gamy aroma with appealing hints of sweet nuttiness.

This mild cheese is produced in a hexagonal shape and contains a velvety-smooth spreadable paste that melts in the mouth. Le Brin makes a decadent dessert when paired with fruit and pairs well with sweet wines.

Type of Milk: Cow | Region of Origin: France

  • Makes a convenient snack; works nicely in lunch boxes
  • Compliments salad well, especially when coupled with nuts
  • Makes a fabulous dessert cheese served with fruit
  • Adds delicate flavor to sandwiches
  • Spreads nicely over toast points
  • White Burgundy
  • Sancerre
  • Riesling
  • Champagne
  • Cabernet Sauvignon

    Available in these Sizes

    • Fromagerie Guilloteau™ Le Brin Wheel | 2.2 lb. (random weight)