Green Bay Cheese®

Mild Cheddar

Green Bay Cheese® Mild Cheddar cheese is a kid favorite! Mild Cheddar cheese’s fresh, creamy flavor and rich, smooth consistency are very approachable, transitioning many cheese lovers into a lifelong love of specialty cheeses.

Its versatility in the kitchen grants Mild Cheddar a place in a wide variety of dishes, from apple pies to tacos. Cube Mild Cheddar for quick and easy snacking or place it on your lunchtime sandwich for a pleasantly mild flavor infusion.

Type of Milk: Cow | Region of Origin: USA

  • Add to cream-based soups or sauces
  • Makes a perfect addition to baked dishes
  • Shred and melt over baked potatoes or steamed vegetables
  • Perfect in a traditional grilled cheese sandwich
  • Zinfandel
  • Stout
  • Porter
  • Port
  • Pale Ales
  • Merlot
  • Madeira
  • Fruit Beers
  • Chardonnay
  • Champagne

    Available in these Sizes

    • Green Bay Cheese® Variety Pack Cubes (Swiss, Mild Cheddar & Pepper Jack) | 15 lb. (5 lb. per variety)