“Saputo Cheese USA Inc. Efforts to Eradicate Slavery and Human Trafficking from its Direct Supply Chain”

The approach of both Company and its employees is based on the respect of people, communities and the environment. As part of our overall Social Responsibility efforts, Company is working to verify that goods in its direct supply chain are not produced by slavery or human trafficking. At the present time, verification efforts are conducted in-house and not via third party audits.

Company audits its direct suppliers to evaluate their compliance with Company’s standards prohibiting trafficking and slavery in its supply chains. At the present time, these audits are conducted in-house and are not independent unannounced audits.

Company requires each of its direct suppliers to certify in writing that all supplied goods and materials incorporated into product comply with all laws regarding slavery and human trafficking of all countries in which each direct supplier is doing business.

Company maintains internal accountability standards and procedures for its employees and contractors failing to meet Company’s standards regarding slavery and human trafficking.

Company provides its employees and management who have direct responsibility for supply chain management with training on human trafficking and slavery, particularly with respect to mitigating risks within Company’s product supply chains”