DCI introduces "squa-round" cup

New packaging initiative used for il Giardino® line of Italian-style cheeses

DCI Cheese Company has unveiled innovative, state-of-the-art packaging for four products in its il Giardino line. The five-ounce “squa-round” cups made of recyclable polypropylene (#5) feature a rounded square body that offers enhanced product visibility and exceptional real estate for the redesigned label. The il Giardino squa-round cups will be available across the country in the specialty cheese section of select retailers starting this June.

DCI’s il Giardino brand features over two dozen top-quality imported Italian specialty cheeses available in bulk and retail sizes. Four of the line’s Italian-style cheeses are available in the new, consumer-sized squa-round cups: Grated Romano, aged over five months; Shredded Asiago, aged over six months; and Shredded Parmesan and Grated Parmesan, both aged over 10 months. The unique squa-round containers and lids are molded from FDA-approved recyclable plastic resins and include a tamper-resistant inner heat seal film to ensure product freshness.

“We sought a custom packaging solution to better communicate il Giardino’s high quality to consumers,” states Dominique Delugeau, Senior Vice President of Sales at DCI. “We were so excited by the distinctive labeling capabilities and product visibility the squa-round cup offers, we invested in a custom line at our packaging facility in Green Bay, Wisconsin.”

The rounded square shape of the package features three flat panels that clearly display the line’s updated, more contemporary label design. To create an exclusive look for the line, large graphics were designed with a modern color palette of warm, texturized browns, golden yellows and oranges, and rich greens that captures the essence of the Italian countryside. Consumers are granted a clear view of the product through the cup’s two remaining panels. The labeling and the see-through panels emphasize the line’s Italian heritage and the natural, fresh ingredients in the cheeses.

In addition to the new five-ounce squa-round cups, the il Giardino line-up also includes the following imported specialty cheeses in bulk, random weight and exact weight sizes: Asiago D’Allevo; Fontina; Gorgonzola Dolce, a creamy style Italian blue cheese; Grana Padano, Mountain Gorgonzola, a crumbly Italian blue cheese; Parmesan; Parmigiano Reggiano; Pecorino Romano; Provolone; Ricotta Salata, a sheep’s milk cheese; and Romano. il Giardino specialty cheeses are available at select retailers across the country. The squa-round cups will be available to consumers in June, 2010.

About DCI Cheese Company

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