DCI Success at the 2008 ACS Competition

DCI Cheese Company success at the 2008 American Cheese Society competition

DCI Cheese Company and its exclusive supplier partners captured 8 awards at the 2008 American Cheese Society Competition held in Chicago, IL on July 25. This year’s competition garnered 1,149 cheeses and dairy product entries from 181 producers in 30 states and 3 Canadian provinces.

Most notably, DCI captured two First Place awards: Nikos® Peppercorn Feta in the Feta Made from Cow’s Milk category; and il Giardino® Provolone in the Pasta Filata All Milks category.

Other notable awards:

  • Reny Picot® Camembert Fermier, 2nd Place, Camembert Cheese Made from Cow’s Milk
  • Reny Picot® 3kg Brie with Herbs, 3rd Place, Soft Ripened Cheese with Flavor Added
  • Reny Picot® 2 lb Edam Ball, 3rd Place, Dutch Style, all Milks
  • Nikos® Feta, 2nd Place, Feta Made from Cow’s Milk

About The American Cheese Society

The American Cheese Society is an active, not for profit trade organization that encourages the understanding, appreciation, and promotion of farmstead and natural specialty cheese produced in the Americas and Canada.

About DCI Cheese Company

An innovative leader in the cheese industry since 1975, DCI Cheese Company is the leading supplier of high-quality, value-added specialty cheese, offering an impressive portfolio of top cheese brands, such as County Line®, King’s Choice®, Nikos®, Organic Creamery® and Salemville®, among others. For more information on the Wisconsin-based DCI Cheese Company and their portfolio of specialty cheese brands, visit DCI Cheese Company’s website at www.dcicheeseco.com.