Ilchester Inspires Savory Flavor Infusion in the U.S.

Ilchester® specialty British cheese updates look and inspires sweet and savory flavor infustion in the U.S. cheese market

Over 30 varieties of England’s finest quality cheeses tempt U.S. palate

RICHFIELD, Wis., June 2008 – As Americans’ interest in flavor fusions continues, Ilchester Cheese of Great Britain is combining English tradition with premium cheeses, herbs, spices and fruits, while bringing to the table a new contemporary look to the brand’s more than 30 specialty cheese blends in the United States. Since 1962, Ilchester, which owns nearly half of the U.S. market share for English cheeses, has developed an extensive line of cheeses with exceptional texture, flavor profile and character.

Ilchester recently updated its English look to feature a contemporized British flag and logo and added a pastoral English countryside scene. “The label makeover project was six months in the making, but definitely worth the dramatic results,” according to Linda Hook, vice president of marketing for DCI.

According to Richfield, WI-based DCI Cheese Co., which exclusively imports Ilchester in the U.S., more than 80 percent of growth in the American English cheese market has come from blended flavor cheese. “Consumer’s taste buds are more sophisticated today; they are searching for an explosion of flavors in each bite,” according to DCI Cheese Co. senior vice president of sales, Dominique Delegeau. “In addition, Ilchester’s refined and beautiful cheese blends bring zest, color and panache to the category.”

Following English tradition, Ilchester has mixed sweet with sour, and sweet with savory, to create a variety of unusual cheeses to satisfy any palate. For example, Ilchester’s Sage Derby cheese is flavored with real sage, producing a gorgeous sage green marbling effect and subtle herb flavor. The first English cheese to layer completely different cheeses together, Double Gloucester with Stilton, features alternating layers of mellow Double Gloucester and sharp, tangy Blue Stilton, creating a taste sensation.

On the sweeter side, Ilchester also offers a specialized line of fruit-infused mixtures. They combine a classic, creamy and crumbly White Stilton with fruits like blueberries, apricots and lemon to create flavors perfect for salad toppings, dessert pairings, and holiday gatherings.

Ilchester British cheeses are available in the deli case where high-quality premium cheeses are sold. Recipes and additional information can be found at

White Stilton and Apricot Salad
Serves 4 Preparation time: 15 minutes

1 bunch watercress 1 bag of spinach 8oz Ilchester White Stilton with Apricot cheese 1 bunch of beets, steamed 2oz skinned hazelnuts, toasted Dressing: 1 mandarin orange (or regular orange for zest) 3 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil 1 tablespoon balsamic vinegar Salt and freshly ground black pepper

  1. To make the dressing, finely grate the rind from half of the mandarin orange, squeeze the juice and put both into a small bowl with the extra virgin olive oil and the balsamic vinegar, season then whisk together
  2. Wash the watercress and spinach, put into a bowl, quarter and add the beets to the bowl.
  3. Cut or break the White Stilton and Apricot cheese into small chunks and add to the salad. Roughly chop the hazelnuts.
  4. Pour the dressing over the salad, toss together then scatter over the nuts.

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