Fat Free Feta

With Nikos® Fat Free Feta cheese, you can enjoy a traditional, full-flavored classic without the guilt! This Mediterranean-styled treat has a soft and crumbly texture and a pleasantly mild, slightly tangy flavor that will appeal to health-conscious consumers. Nikos® Fat Free Feta is perfect over salads and shines in omelets and quiches.

Type of Milk: Cow | Region of Origin: Wisconsin, USA

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  • Crumble onto Mediterranean salads
  • Works well as a table cheese
  • Melts beautifully in cooked dishes like lasagna and macaroni and cheese
  • Weiss Beer
  • Sauvignon Blanc
  • Rosé
  • Pilsner
  • Muscat
  • Grüner Veltliner
  • Beaujolais
    • Best of Class: 2013 United States Championship Cheese Contest
    • American Package Design Award: 2013 Graphic Design USA magazine

    Available in these Sizes

    • Nikos® Fat Free Crumbled Feta Cup | 6 oz.

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