Saint-Nectaire™ (“saint nek-TARE”) cheese has been made in the Auvergne region of central France since at least the 17th century and was first brought to the table of Louis XIV by the Marshal of France. The cheese received its name via a linguistic derivation of the Marshal’s name: Henri de la Ferté-Senneterre.

Saint-Nectaire™ cheese’s fruity and nutty flavor is reflective of the region’s lush mountain pasturelands and its slightly pungent aroma of hazelnut and mushrooms results from the cheese’s aging on rye straw. Saint-Nectaire™ cheese’s dense yet silky texture is perfect for snacking and its distinctive salty and spicy flavors are well-suited to regionally-specific brioches.

AuverMont® brand Saint-Nectaire™ cheese
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