Butterkäse Cheese is a classic semi-soft German cheese with a mild and approachable flavor that is reminiscent of domestically-produced muenster cheese. Although it contains no butter, its name literally means "butter cheese” due in no small part to its butter-like color, texture and flavor. It is also known as Dämenkäse—or "ladies cheese"—because of its delicate flavor and aroma.

Butterkäse cheese’s smooth, creamy, open texture is complimentary to a wide variety of foods, especially when paired with crisp white wines. It makes a delightfully subtle addition to sandwiches and melts beautifully over steamed vegetables and burgers. Shred and add Butterkäse to a bit of butter to dress up spätzle, a classic German side dish. Or simply cube and sprinkle atop salads topped with grilled chicken for a fresh and mild meal.

King's Choice® brand Butterkäse Cheese
  • Butterkäse Cheese Wedge King's Choice® brand Butterkäse Cheese
    8 oz Wedge