Cantalet (“kahn-TAHL-ay”) is one of the oldest French cheeses, dating back to at least the 1st century AD when it was mentioned in Naturalis Historia, an encyclopedia published by Pliny the Elder. At 20 pounds, Cantalet is a smaller version of Cantal cheese (made in 110 pound wheels) and is named after the region where it is produced: the Cantal Mountains in Auvergne, France.

Cantalet has a wonderfully rich and creamy texture that is surprisingly dense. When young, it has a mild, buttery and nutty flavor that unveils the deep, earthy undertones of the region’s pasture lands as it ages.

La Société Fromagère du Livradois Cantalet
  • Cantalet Wheel La Société Fromagère du Livradois Cantalet
    20 lb Wheel