Le Gruyère® cheese has been made for centuries in the countryside of western Switzerland. It was first called “Gruyère” after the region of the same name in 1602, but is believed to have been in existence since as early as 161 AD. This hard yellow cheese is still produced in the region’s cheese factories according to the traditional recipe and must adhere to very specific production guidelines. For example, milk must come from within a 20 km radius to the fromagerie from cows that grazed on only grass or hay. Similarly, the mixing vat must be made of copper and can only be used once every 24 hours and aging must take place in temperature-specific and humidity-controlled caves on shelves made of rough, unplanned spruce.

The end result is a time-tested favorite that is wonderful for cooking and adds a lightly spicy, fruity and nutty flavor to quiches, fondues and sandwiches. It is perhaps best known as the cheese that is toasted over crocks of French onion soup and can also be used in chicken cordon bleu.

Le Gruyère® Cheese
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