Red Leaf® brand's 3-year Cheddar cheese features the full-bodied flavor, crumbly texture, pleasantly acidic aroma and enticingly sharp finish that are found in only the finest Canadian Cheddars.

At the three-year mark, Red Leaf® brand's Cheddar’s sharpness becomes increasingly complex and its salts begin to bind to themselves forming small granules, a natural and desirable part of the aging process. This rich and robust extra-aged Cheddar is presented in appealing artisanal packaging that references the maple leaf found on the Canadian flag, a nod to the cheeses’ Canadian roots.

3-Year White Cheddar Cheese Recipes

Red Leaf® brand 3-Year White Cheddar Cheese
  • 3-Year White Cheddar Cheese Bar Red Leaf® brand 3-Year White Cheddar Cheese
    7 oz Bar